Friday, June 30, 2006

The building is a 6 story brick structure. It was always advertised as The Rogers Fireproof Hotel. It even has that painted on the side of the building. On the first floor, there was the main lobby. There was marble on the walls, beautiful hanging lights with matching sconces on the walls, and a beautiful iron stairway that branched off to the left and right.

There was also the bar. It was known as The Long Branch Club. It had an L-shaped bar that could seat 10-12 patrons, and about 4 booths. The decor was mostly 1960-70's. It wasn't elegant, but it was inexpensive to drink there.

There was another separate area that once served as The Rogers Barbershop. After it moved out in the 1970's, several other small bars opened in that room, but were separate entities from the Rogers.

There were 75 sleeping rooms in the hotel. They all had a private bathroom with a toilet and sink. Some rooms had only a shower stall, others had old clawfoot bathtubs. The rooms were furnished with a double bed, a dresser, night stand, a chair, and old fashioned wooden coat trees.

All of the furniture was well used. Most of it was from the 1960's, and not regular hotel furniture. Some of the dressers were old metal dressers that had been repainted several times.
All of the rooms were equipped with beige wall telephones. When you got a wake up call on one of those loud ringing phones, you had to get out of bed to answer it.

The carpet was old and well worn, the curtains were old 60's pattern fabric that simply hung straight down, and often never closed completely shut. Most of the walls were painted either light green or pink, and each room had a big old steam radiator. Some winter nights they were really warm or else ice cold. You never knew what to expect.

I spent many nights here over the years. I could have easily afforded better, but I chose to pay the $22.00 per night and stay at the Rogers; usually in room 304.

So long for now.

Memories-from the Rogers Hotel, Wheeling W Va

Hello Everyone ! There was a great old hotel in Wheeling West Virginia called the Rogers Hotel. It was located at 44 14th Street. It was first opened in 1914, and was finally forced to close in January of 1990.

I became a good friend of the man who last operated it. His name was Charles M Pugliese. He owned the Rogers, as well as close to a dozen other old hotels in Ohio and Pennsylvania. His wife Thelma passed away in the early 1970's.

The first time I saw this hotel was in the early 1980's, and I had an amazing fixation for that hotel up to this very day. I almost felt that I had been there before in a prior time or even a prior life. The attraction was so strong.

I will be relating all sorts of stories and memories I have from this old hotel. Please keep watching.